Tips on how to write a good fiverr profile description

Today we shall be looking at step by step process of how you can come up with a good fiverr profile descriptions.

When trying to come into partnership in business with a professional or a company, it is normal for you to know more about the person. There are possibilities that you would have taken one step or the other to know their level of competence. Taking steps like checking their facebook profile, twitter profile, linkdln profile are things that you would have done which is not a bad idea. You need to take this entire step just to be sure that you are dealing with the right person because your money is on the line here.

Now if we apply that orientation to how buyers deal with sellers on fiverr, the first thing that a buyer looks for once they decide to deal with you is your profile description. For this reason, it will be a wise idea if you can take your time to work on your profile description before going ahead to create a gig. Let’s now look at some tips that can help us to set up a good profile on fiverr and how we can maintain a good rating.

Use simple English

Since fiverr is a platform that different people from different race comes to get things done. You can expect them to speak professional English, but simple English can help them to understand what you can do for them. Make sure your sentences are correct and easy to understand and at the same time make sure there are no spelling mistakes.


Introduce yourself in not more than two sentences and try to be unique. Avoid writing off topic nor against the service do you render. This can cause a great damage to your opportunity of making sales. Remember that what you say or write about yourself is what people will believe and that is what will make them believe on your level of competence.

Talk about your experience

Make sure that your profile description talks about the experience you have gathered for years before joining fiverr. This is one of the reasons why you must make sure you keep your description professional. You can as well explain things that make you better than other and what people stand to gain if they choose to patronize you.   

Focus on customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important when you choose to deliver services on fiverr. Customers want value for the money they are paying as they have the right to withdraw whatever money they pay to you if they are not satisfied with your service. the unfortunate part of it is that it is a waste of time to them. That is the reason why you must be a professional in what you do before embarking on working on fiverr.

Add call to action

At the end of your description, always make sure you add call to action. This is one thing that makes customers want to patronize you. You are adding it does not mean you are forcing them to patronize you but it is a marketing skill that drives sales.