The Best Countries for Plastic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is a big commitment and if you’ve finally decided it’s the right choice for you, you might be thinking about where to get your procedure. Most practices specialise with certain procedures and looking for the right doctor, medical centre and country should be part of your selection process.

Medical tourism is at an all-time high, with the benefits of a cheap flight and affordable operations outweighing the choice to stay in your home country for the procedure. Here’s a look at the 4 most popular countries for cosmetic surgery outside of the USA.


Malaysia has won the IMTJ Medical Travel Award for Destination in 2016 as well as an award for being the International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of the Year. You wouldn’t expect it, but Malaysia treats over half a million people from other countries. Its popularity is due to its low costs and modern medical centres that make every patient feel comfortable during their experience. English is spoken widely around Malaysia too, which when discussing your body and what you want is essential.


Surprisingly this after the USA, this is the most popular place to undergo plastic surgery, in terms of the number of surgeries performed per year. Rio de Janeiro is known as the ‘World Capital of Plastic Surgery” and the country has inspired and created innovative technology and practices to ensure safe and high-quality surgery is being performed all around the world. Their patient safety results are among the best around the world, while also offering much better prices than western countries.

United Kingdom

In terms of variety, the UK offers some of the most advanced practices from all around the world. The UK is a good choice for most having their first surgery, as it offers safety factors and cosmetic surgery Manchester is known for some of the best results. Choosing the UK will cost more than the majority of other countries, but naturally, there’s a balance of wanting to get good results, feel safe and paying an affordable price.


Medical tourism is growing fast in Thailand and it comes with good reason. The majority of medical professionals in Thailand are educated in western nations and then take their practice over here to makes it much more affordable. The variety of surgeries performed in Thailand is outstanding and awards are likely to come here as the countries medical tourism continues to grow.

Compared to the USA, the reason more people are opting for plastic surgery in foreign countries is that there is between a 30{fed9bf4b01b58fc90623b52d3d71130524e6a82e4b598fae129a992b5f289a65}-80{fed9bf4b01b58fc90623b52d3d71130524e6a82e4b598fae129a992b5f289a65} saving of the surgery itself. So finding affordable flights and accommodation might give you a must cheaper experience which might even include a holiday to an exotic land.