Purchasing a New Candela Alex Or Candela Yag Aesthetic Laser – 4 Things to Consider

If you are thinking about purchasing a Candela Alex or Candela Yag aesthetic laser, there are some things you should consider before making your purchase. Loss of Value, Service and Training, Proprietary Software, and Speed & Power are the 4 things you should be informed of when purchasing a Candela laser medical equipment repair company.

Loss of Value – Immediately after you purchase a Candela 40{fed9bf4b01b58fc90623b52d3d71130524e6a82e4b598fae129a992b5f289a65} – 50{fed9bf4b01b58fc90623b52d3d71130524e6a82e4b598fae129a992b5f289a65} of your money is lost. If you purchase a GentleLase Alex for $95,000.00 it is worth $50,000.00 less after installation conservatively due to depreciation.

Service Training – Many physicians tell me that they would rather purchase a new aesthetic laser because the company will provide training and service. Well, the fact is, they have approximately 15 – 20 service technicians throughout the US. So, the likelihood that you would have an experienced service technician close to your office is very rare. In fact, in most cases, there are several technicians, some past Candela employees, who have vast experience that work close your office and charge a lot less. We work with a number of aestheticians and past Candela trainers who can train your entire staff. We also have a full consulting service called Laser Advantage that can handle marketing needs for your business.

Proprietary Software Parts – Many medical laser companies manufacture their own proprietary parts, giving them control over service and parts. Many lasers require encrypted software only available from the authorized employee technicians. However, Candela purchases power supplies, pumps, and all of the other parts from other companies. This is important to know, because a good technician can access replacement parts for a fraction of the cost Candela will charge you.

Speed and Power – Since 2003, the Candela mini Alex & Candela Yag has had very minimal changes in performance or appearance. Let me say that again in a different way; “the 18mm spot with 1.5 pulses per sec is the same as the Candela laser manufactured in 2003”. What does this mean to you? Lasers established more then enough speed and power years ago. There is nothing faster because the technology exceeded the optimal speed and power levels.

With the above information considered, it is my opinion that purchasing a used Candela laser makes much more sense than purchasing new. Don’t get me wrong, Candela manufactures or assembles some of the best lasers in the world. In fact, I would absolutely purchase a Candela laser if I were opening medical laser spa. But, because there is nothing substantially new about anything they have been doing for the last 10 years with regards to their traditional wavelengths, it just does not make sense to purchase new laser equipment at this point.

Now, hopefully someday Candela will rebound and introduce some new cutting edge equipment and it will again make sense to buy new; however, right now especially with the economy, there is nothing that justifies buying a new Candela laser. I encourage you to take a few minutes and talk with a Maxim Laser Consultant to understand how we can help your practice position itself for success. Remember, “In many cases the outcome of the game is decided before the game has begun” -General George S Patton.