Marriage Advice on Sexual Fulfillment

For many couples, sex has become something to be avoided. The experience is no longer something they look forward to; they find sex more frustrating than satisfying.

In most cases, the problem is that couples haven’t taken the time to understand the sexual needs of their spouse. Also in cases where there has been exposure to pornographic materials, this can even end up damaging your sex life because it builds up unrealistic expectations about sex and also produces unhealthy sexual desires. The result is that the person exposed to such materials might want to experiment with certain things that their spouse isn’t comfortable with sexually. Read more about

Some men don’t take the time to find out how to please their wives. They don’t understand the sexual responses of a woman, they don’t know that it takes longer for a woman to get aroused, they don’t realize that for a woman, sex doesn’t necessarily start in the bedroom, they don’t understand that unlike men sex isn’t one of the most critical needs of a woman. These are just some of the many challenges men have in this area.

Some women also don’t understand the sexual needs of their husband, they don’t realize that sex is always high on a man’s priority, and as a result, he wants it all the time and is still ready for it. They don’t understand the pressure that many men put on themselves to perform sexually which can make a man seem disconnected during sex because he is trying not to get too into it so that he doesn’t reach orgasm too quickly. In most cases, the anxiety often leads to premature ejaculation anyway. Women sometimes don’t understand that their husband wants them to initiate sex. He also needs to feel like you still desire him, that you want it as much as he does.

With these misunderstandings along with many others that I haven’t mentioned, it is easy to see why many married couples have problems when it comes to matters relating to sex. Here are just a couple few tips on how you can overcome these sexual problems.


Don’t be afraid to talk to your spouse about your sexual needs. It is incredible that many couples still find it difficult to speak openly about sex. You are married! There is nothing to be afraid, embarrassed or ashamed of. Learn to create an environment where you can talk openly with your spouse about sex.

When I say talk, I mean just that. Don’t criticize your spouse and tell them what a rubbish lover they are, instead talk sensitively and lovingly explaining the things you like about your sex life, things you don’t like and also things you would like to try sexually – maybe a different position.

You can’t blame your spouse for not satisfying you sexually if you haven’t told them what you like. You can’t assume that they should know.

Focus on the quality and not the quantity

I have often heard complaints from couples that they don’t have sex as often as they used to. Usually, this is because they have become too familiar with each other and no longer make an effort to give each other quality sex. Complacency has set it.

Instead of worrying about the quantity of sex you are having, focus on having quality sex, focus on entirely meeting the needs of your spouse. Don’t rush sex if you have to, set aside time just for making love so that you can put your whole body mind and soul into the experience. Spend much time on foreplay and just experimenting with each other’s bodies, discovering what you both find arousing. Make sex fun and not a routine. When you begin having quality sex, the quantity will automatically increase.

If you start with just these two tips, you will undoubtedly begin to see improvements in your sexual experiences with your spouse.