3 Ways To Calm Your Frightened Dog

Many dog owners get frustrated because their little Fido is, for lack of a better term, a scaredy-cat. Loud noises like thunder or fireworks or gunshots turn your normally macho mutt into a quivering furry mess. It can be terrible to see your pup so scared, and all the comforting you can supply has little to no effect. However, there are some solutions available that will calm him or her down until he or she decides the danger has passed.

Medicate Your Dog

A recent trend in pet care is giving your pet light medication to soothe his or her nerves. An excellent natural and safe alternative to a chemical sedative is hemp oil for dogs. Giving your dog a few drops when he or she starts to get nervous can calm him or her down considerably. The bonus benefit is that it’s a great dietary supplement that is rich in Omega fatty acids and promotes healthy shiny coats.

Dress for Success

A great way to calm down a scared dog is to bundle him or her up tightly in some blankets or an anxiety shirt so he or she feels secure and safe. An anxiety shirt maintains tight pressure on your companion and has a soothing effect on your dog’s anxiety. 89% of dog owners who have tried this method say that the product helped their dog relax to some degree.

Make a Safe Room

When nothing else works (or in addition to the things that work) try making a space for your pup that will make him or her feel safely tucked away from the loud noises. A room without windows, like a walk-in closet, can be transformed into a safe room when Fido gets nervous and scared. Grab the dog bed, some favorite toys, and maybe a treat and arrange it deep in the dark room so he or she will feel protected. Be sure and leave the door cracked so Fido can come out when the danger is over.