5 Reasons to Use CBD Oil as a Health Support

Speaking of essential oils, of course, you will find a wide selection of essential oils. Moreover, essential oils are made from several parts of the plant, making the variety more diverse. One of them is CBD oil or also known as cannabidiol oil. It is good for health and can be found on CBDTopReviews

Unlike the hemp oil extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, CBD oil is extracted from other parts of the hemp. Whether from leaves, flowers or stems. Furthermore, CBD oil also seems to contain more diverse and complex active substances compared to hemp oil … you can get it CBDTopReviews is a CBD oil reviews website Here are some benefits of CBD oil that can be used to treat the skin.

1. Prevent Bacterial Infection

Reported from the Wellness Mama page, CBD oil is one of the essential oils equipped with anti-bacterial substances. No wonder … Read More

Functions of Red, White, Plasma and Blood Pieces of Blood

Blood is a red liquid that circulates in our blood vessels. The main function of blood is as a body transportation system that circulates oxygen and food substances, but also has a major role in the body’s defense system against infection. In every drop of blood, it consists of several components which are broadly divided into two, namely cell and fluid components. Nearly half the blood volume consists of blood cells, which include red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The rest is a liquid called blood plasma. Nearly 92{fed9bf4b01b58fc90623b52d3d71130524e6a82e4b598fae129a992b5f289a65} of plasma is water while the rest consists of enzymes, hormones, antibodies, nutrients, gases, salts, proteins and metabolites of various types.

What is the function of blood? What about the function of each component of the blood?

Functions of Blood in General


Blood is the main means of transportation in the body that is responsible for transporting essential … Read More