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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Dr. Suzanne Grannan, a pediatrics specialist, will be a guest on Thursday night’s “Education Spotlight” on WISH-TV.

The half-hour special airs starting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday. The special will be available after airing on and the WISH-TV YouTube page.

The pediatrics specialist works with Community Health Network’s Geist Family Medicine. In advance of Thursday’s airing, she shared some tips on how to keep kids health at school.

Stay up-to-date on immunizations

Getting routine childhood vaccines — including the flu and COVID-19 shots — is one of the best things anyone can do to protect children against the spread of infectious diseases. The pandemic has caused a significant drop in the number of children who received their vaccines on time, so vaccinations have become even more important.

Wash hands frequently

Handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is one of the easiest ways

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Amazon’s Dangerous Ambition to Dominate Healthcare

Patient privacy has been inviolable since the time of Hippocrates, in 400 BC. That may be about to end. Last week Amazon announced it is going to acquire One Medical, a health care provider with over 700,000 patients.

Big Tech has flirted with health care for years. Amazon’s direct entry into primary health care is a turning point. It will increase the perils of surveillance capitalism, with implications for everyone.

Amazon knows our guilty pleasures, what we buy, what pills we buy, and what we watch and read and listen to. Its devices listen in our homes, and peep out of our (Amazon Ring) door bells. Amazon’s “Kuiper” satellites will soon connect our Internet.

Recent scandals revealed that Amazon uses the data collected for supposedly innocent reasons in ways that betray our trust. Amazon staff say there are no limits on how Amazon uses this data internally. According to

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Therapists Flee Kaiser as Mental Health Patients Languish

When Susan Whitney was a therapist at Kaiser Permanente, her colleagues missed working in prison.

Whitney’s co-workers first practiced mental health care in the region’s penitentiaries before joining the state’s largest health care provider. Working conditions for therapists at Kaiser were so deplorable, Whitney says, that her colleagues wanted to go back.

“They can provide better care,” says Whitney, who retired from Kaiser in late 2021. “It’s a better work environment.”

Mental health practitioners at Kaiser are so overburdened with patients that waiting periods between appointments can be six weeks or more, according to therapists who spoke with Capital & Main. (Industry standards mean therapists outside Kaiser generally see patients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, though cases vary.)

Now California’s Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) has launched a “non-routine survey” to determine whether Kaiser is offering adequate behavioral health care.

When asked about its access issues, Kaiser points

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Vitamin D Supplements Don’t Help Another Condition, Study Finds

The idea made so much sense it was almost unquestioningly accepted: Vitamin D pills can protect bones from fractures. After all, the body needs the vitamin for the gut to absorb calcium, which bones need to grow and stay healthy.

But now, in the first large randomized controlled study in the United States, funded by the federal government, researchers report that vitamin D pills taken with or without calcium have no effect on bone fracture rates. The results, published Thursday in The New England Journal of Medicine, hold for people with osteoporosis and even those whose blood tests deemed them vitamin D deficient.

These results followed other conclusions from the same study that found no support for a long list of purported benefits of vitamin D supplements.

So, for the millions of Americans who take vitamin D supplements and the labs that do more than 10 million vitamin D tests

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