Social Media Selfies and Why They’re a Thing

With the world being in the “technology age”, selfies posted to social media have become the standard for the online community. Everyone is taking a selfie. Whether you see it as a form of narcissism or not, selfies are a staple in the modern generation. It’s a form of expression and posting a photo of yourself to social media allows you to express yourself to the social media platform, as well as interact with the world.

Many people capture social media selfies with how they’re feeling at that particular time, and this too is just another added factor to the entire expression aspect of sharing selfies. Whenever someone posts a selfie – whether it be to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – they are sharing their individuality to the entire online community. That certain sense of vulnerability for potentially being ridiculed can be daunting, so many people don’t choose to share their selfies.

On the other hand, sharing selfies or excess selfies can be seen as the person being narcissistic. A lot of people have their entire social media profiles littered with photos of themselves, taken by themselves. Those who see this sort of thing as narcissistic often take to that very person’s social media page to ridicule or tear them down. Again, social media selfies do have that aspect of bravery because of that fact of others potentially ridiculing them on their acclaimed narcissism, appearance, or other certain aspects associated with social media selfies.

Today’s society is mostly communicated by social media. Whether you choose to share selfies with the online community or not, you will without a doubt, come across selfies while browsing social media. Social media selfies are relatively new to our society, but many things are that have come along with vastly advanced technology. Selfies of social media are definitely going to be around for a while. As long as we have computers and social media, selfies are here to stay.

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